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Experienced Residential Roofers

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones. But without a trustworthy roof, your safety at home is not guaranteed. A hole or crack in your roof could let in water that floods your home, ruining your things and possibly causing mold to grow. Structural weakness in your roof could bring the whole thing down during the stress of a heavy storm. If you want your home to be properly protected, the expert residential roofers at Better Way Roofing have you covered.

We have tons of experience building residential roofs in Syracuse, IN, and we can use our expertise to build any kind of roof you want. We can use a range of different shingle types to meet your needs and personal style. If you’re unsure what kind of shingles are best for you, we would be happy to offer a recommendation. We also build metal roofs if you would prefer that over a shingled roof.

Building a solid roof for your home doesn’t just require expertise and skill, you need the best materials you can get. Better Way Roofing always uses high quality materials on every residential roof we build. The better the materials, the stronger your roof will be and the longer it will last.

We can get you started on a new residential roof by sending out our team to perform an estimate. We’ll give you an accurate idea of how much the roof will cost and what we can do for you.


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